About Us


Since 1953, we, the company Walter Wissing & Co., have been producing handmade eyeglass frames made of cellulose acetate. The main business is that the frames are sold as “white label” to opticians all over the world, who have their own collection made in Bensheim. But we see ourselves not only as craftsmen, but also as artists: In the meantime, we have expanded our assortment so that you will not only find eyeglass frames with us, but also unique jewelry such as rings made of cellulose acetate.


With realcycle® we create handmade unique pieces that resembles a work of art and are all made from recycled resources. Each realcycle® frame is made from 100% of remnants from the production of other models. Approximately 150g of acetate are needed to produce a 15g frame – from the rest we produce raw plates, which in turn we use for the production of our realcycle® models. After all we do not just care about the look, we also care about the environment. Simply because it is as unique as you are.


Our main focus has always been to produce individual spectacle frames. We sell these not only in our Wissing® Store, where we also offer a wide range of services as opticians, but now also as “white label” in stores specializing in ophthalmic optics all over the world. This means that you can find our handmade quality not only in Bensheim but currently in about 30 countries worldwide.

„We are not only eyewear manufacturers, but also opticians. We find the right glasses for every face.“


„Each frame is as individual as the person wearing it. We enable our customers to realize themselves.“


„Sustainability and design go hand in hand – as we continue as a family.“